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Our company and vision

Is your competition driving you to find the most cost-effective networking solution to gain an advantage in your industry or market? The Internet has expanded beyond the original dream of its inventors. Today’s bandwidth hungry applications demand the rapid evolution of today’s voice and data networks into tomorrow’s converged voice and data network.Since 1987 we have provided excellence in engineering at the best price point for your IT investment. We are unique in our ability to equip an entire Ethernet/IP network. Our globally located customers have relied on us to design interoperable, scaleable networks that deliver present value with an eye to your future networking needs. Our core competencies in fiber, optical electronics and Ethernet make us a leader in access technology.

Our vision is to create an innovative, powerful and flexible network so that you can offer revenue-generating services to your customers and increase productivity throughout your enterprise – whether it’s large or small.


Your business

We serve and support service providers, industry, government agencies, schools, hospitals, enterprises, small and medium businesses and hotels. Our reliable, secure, and cost-effective network solutions over fiber or copper offer quality of service at every control point.

Allied Telesis Product Catalog

ISSUE 14 | 2013 – 2014


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