ACS Auto Configuration Server

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tGem – Leading the way for subscriber centric TR-069 Auto Configuration Server


Because we know that selecting a product as vital to your operations as an Auto Configuration Server is a long-term commitment, tGem offers a strong vision for any operator to follow, centering on subscriber-centric features, so that tGem and operators work with the same focus: the satisfaction of the end-user.

After a long history of over 10 years of ground-breaking releases, the proud successor of VCM 5, tGem 6, sheds a new skin and is now easier to use than ever. tGem brings home a user-friendly Graphical User Interface which delivers high value to tech-savvy engineers and helpdesk personnel alike.

tGem is of course not only about aesthetics but also about performance and perennial solutions. tGem is now able to handle 4 times more devices with 2 times less load on an equivalent server than the previous generation.

With its advanced subscriber care features coming straight out of the box, tGem 6 allows service providers to do more than simple service provisioning. Auto Configuration Server users are placed in a proactive role when taking the reins of tGem. tGem empowers you to increase customer satisfaction and deploy new services in one click.

Our value proposition

tGem helps operators maintain high levels of customer satisfaction thanks to its proactive and reactive subscriber care features. Alarms, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting value-added features together with Intelligent Mass Management design will contribute to keep churn to a minimum amongst your subscriber base.

tGem delivers not only a dramatic churn-reducing factor, but also eases the introduction of new services and the maintenance of your network. tGem will cut down costs related to subscriber calls, subscriber acquisition and eliminate costly truck-rolls and unnecessary device replacements.

With over 10 years of experience in managed telecom deployments, Tilgin offers with tGem a flexible solution suitable for any size of operators, be they new comers in green fields or incumbents. With a scalable architecture, tGem supports up to millions of devices in full redundancy.

Whether you are looking to start with just a zero touch provisioning system or an complete tool to monitor your devices and deliver first in class subscriber care, tGem is the answer.


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